Meet Roy

Roy LounsburyBorn and raised in Nova Scotia, and with over twenty-five years of business management experience, I decided to focus on helping my fellow Atlantic Canadians find the best and most affordable health insurance packages. As a lifelong resident of the region and experienced insurance broker, I’ve got a thorough understanding of the health care systems in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. I know the insurance landscape, the huge range of products available and how each provider has advantages over the others depending on the needs of my clients.

My focus is on helping my clients understand everything about the possible plans, providing information and letting clients determine for themselves which plan is the best for them. No one wants to experience a hard sell when they’re trying to figure out which health insurance provider to work with. It’s a big decision and there is enough to consider without having to worry about being pressured into making a bad choice. By walking clients through the various products available to them, they have the tools to make a decision they’re comfortable with.

When working with clients, my main objective is to educate them on their options so that they fully understand the range of features and benefits associated with each product. I work with clients in all stages of life, from young single people starting out with their first insurance packages, to families, to retirees. Regardless of the age of my client, or their insurance history, I don’t disappear once they’ve purchased their policy. I’m here to help if there are any questions at all. It’s important to me that each client gets personalized attention and advice that’s specific to their needs, and I know that my clients appreciate my approach.

I’m now a premier Medavie Blue Cross insurance Agent in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and offer health insurance, life insurance, non-medical life insurance, as well as disability and travel insurance for individuals from number of providers. For businesses, I can help with a range of group benefits plans. All of the packages are tailor-made with only the products necessary to meet client’s needs at the lowest cost.

I’m knowledgeable about government programs and equally aware of the benefits of insurance products from a range of well-known and reputable providers, and can look a client’s existing insurance plan and know what’s missing as well as advise them on how they can save money. For both individuals and businesses looking for group benefits and employee plans, I’ll work with them to make recommendations to ensure that they’ll be covered for whatever the future brings.

Not sure what you need? I’ll help you understand which products and providers are available, discuss which are the most suitable for your needs and answer any questions you might have. Then you’ll be able to take that information, think about it and make the decision that works for you. We might even discover that the coverage that you already have is the best, and I’ll be able to give you peace of mind that you’re well protected.

Have challenging pre-existing conditions? Conducting thorough market research will help to determine which products are best and most affordable for you.

I’m proud to have been recognized as being an exceptional Blue Cross provider, including receiving the President’s Council Award for Excellence each year since 2010, which acknowledges agents who have in-depth knowledge of their products as well as a clear and demonstrable focus on putting their client’s needs first. You can also see what my clients have said about me and read my advice and thoughts on the insurance industry and health care news on the blog.

I’m looking forward to helping you find the best insurance,