Health Insurance – Halifax

When you’re healthy, purchasing health insurance might not be the very first entry on your to-do list. However, it makes the most sense to purchase health insurance when you don’t need it. Each province provides its residents a certain standard level of medical coverage. In Nova Scotia, provincial MSI coverage ranges from doctor’s visits to emergency surgeries, but did you know that anything that happens outside of your physician’s office or the hospital are not covered by Nova Scotia’s provincial coverage?

This means that if you live in Halifax or the surrounding areas, if you get sick without having health insurance, you won’t be able to access the benefits that you might urgently need, like an 80% co-pay on medication, ambulance transportation, or diabetic supplies. Further, if you are diagnosed with an on-going medical issue, that will be considered a pre-existing condition. Any insurance you apply for after your date of diagnosis will not cover your existing condition, leaving you fully responsible for the costs of your treatment. Working with a great, Halifax based insurance agent and getting a tailored insurance plan can help reduce the worry about your future health and well-being.

Blue Cross in Halifax: Finding the Right Health Insurance Agent

Finding the right health insurance agent in Halifax is easier than you think! When you’re ready to build a lasting and helpful relationship with your insurance advisor, look no further than the Roy Lounsbury team.

We believe that your insurance plan should be tailored to your needs and those of your family, taking into account your current health status and lifestyle, your budget, and other factors unique to your situation. We’ll work together to create a plan that has the base product you require and any additional features that matter to you.

The Roy Lounsbury team is dedicated to customer service, and guarantee that we’ll never disappear once your health insurance policy is in place. In fact, many times our real work starts when your policy is in place, and you need support and guidance around the details of your policy.

Halifax Health Insurance: Finding Your Best Plan

When you’re searching for an insurance provider, there are many questions that we recommend asking; with so many different insurance companies out there, how can you be sure that Medavie Blue Cross is the best for you? For example, is your health insurance provider willing to pause your insurance if your employment situation changes and you don’t need personal coverage? Can you easily determine whether your plan is offering you the best value? Are you able to simply add a family member, like a spouse or child, to your plan?

Chances are that you haven’t thought about these, or other similar questions, but we’re here to talk you through each option. We’ve also created an in-depth guide to the benefits that Medavie Blue Cross offers above and beyond other insurers. Access it now! If you’ve got any questions, we’re always here to help you navigate your options.

Ready to get the insurance that you and your family deserve? Book a consultation directly into our calendar below!