Common Questions

In our opinion Roy has the above average ability to work well with people. One of Roy’s most appealing attributes is being a good listener. He has real low tension approach of introducing his business to new clients. We were relaxed and felt like we were being educated. We were very impressed with Roy’s ability to demonstrate the key areas and they communication of relevant questions we had. We felt very comfortable and very much part of the whole process. Roy genuinely had our best interest at heart and our family financial well-being is very secure because of him, and he was able to save us money in the process. We would highly recommend that that you take 20 minutes of your time just to talk to him, (and you will be the one doing most of the talking during that first meeting) and see for yourself.

Brian and Tracy Stewart

Q: How much does insurance cost?

Experience tells us that the true price of health insurance is getting sick or injured without having insurance. With Medavie Blue Cross, the cost of health insurance will vary depending on the package you choose and your plan can be tailored to suit your needs and what you can afford. The Elements Plans, featuring the Entry, Essential and Enhanced packages, offer you a range of flexible benefits, and you can choose what you’d like based on your budget. If you consider how expensive it would be to get sick or injured if you had to pay for the prescription drugs, hospital or treatment bills yourself, you’ll see that it’s much less expensive and more convenient to have coverage. Return to top ↑

Q: What are the benefits of having a personal health insurance plan?

There are lots of reasons why having a personal insurance plan is beneficial, but cost is probably the most important. The costs for healthcare add up very quickly, so make sure that you have a personal insurance plan to keep your financial security protected. Without health coverage, you’d have to pay 100% of the cost of any medical treatment you received outside of the doctor’s office or hospital, including the cost of antibiotics or physiotherapy, for example. With insurance, you won’t be fully financially responsible for the costs you’ll incur when you need medical treatment. Return to top ↑

Q: Why do I need my own health insurance if I’ve got provincial coverage?

Many people think that provincial coverage will cover them for any medical issues they might have. In fact, provincial programs only pay the fees for medical treatment you receive in the hospital or doctor’s office, so anything like trips to the dentist or eye doctor, prescription drugs or alternative medicine aren’t covered leaving you responsible to pay the costs yourself. Return to top ↑

Q: How is Medavie Blue Cross better than the other companies?

Medavie Blue Cross is a not for profit organization with over 70 years of experience in health insurance. They administer the Nova Scotia’s MSI program, Nova Scotia Senior’s and Family Pharmacare. Medavie Blue Cross is particularly convenient because their service is direct pay – you don’t have to pay out of pocket like you would with some other providers. Medavie Blue Cross also has the best coverage for prescriptions including unlimited drug coverage and dental procedures like root canals, extractions, and fillings. You can even suspend your coverage if you get access to a work-based plan, without running the risk of losing your personal coverage if your employment circumstances change.

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Q: How much would it cost to pay for treatment without insurance?

Depending on the type of medical assistance you need, it can range from being something you can afford once a year to a cost that might threaten to seriously impact your financial security. Here are some sample costs that a family with two kids might have over the course of one year:

  • Two eye exams: $160
  • Contact lenses: $300
  • Physiotherapy treatments: $328
  • Moulded arch shoe orthotics: $225
  • Massage therapy per visit: $100
  • Blood pressure medication prescription: $245
  • Three rounds of antibiotics: $180
  • Four dental cleanings and check ups: $460
  • Two dental fillings: $260
  • One root canal: $560
  • Travel Insurance for a family of four: $118
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis drug costs: $14,000
  • Crohn’s Disease drug costs: $27,000
  • Psoriasis drug costs: $36,000
  • Cancer drug costs: $44,000

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Q: I’m healthy, why do I need insurance?

There’s no way to know what might happen to you in the future, and even if you take great care of yourself you might be in an accident or be diagnosed with an illness that will have a huge impact on your overall health. Getting medical insurance while you’re healthy makes it much more likely that you will qualify and have the coverage that you need if you do become ill. You will not be able to secure health insurance coverage for any pre-existing conditions, so now is the best time to get your plan. Much like other types of insurance, it’s always best to arrange your coverage when you don’t need it and hope you don’t have to use it. Return to top ↑

Q: What if I think I might not qualify for insurance?

There are lots of reasons why you think you might not qualify for insurance, but when you call for your free personalized quote, your situation will be discussed in detail. It’s much better to arrange your insurance before your health becomes any worse than to wait to find out if you can’t be insured when you need it most. Return to top ↑

Q: Can I take my Group Benefits when I leave my job?

No, generally you’ll have to give up your group benefits if you leave or lose your job. Even if you don’t leave your job, group benefits are never guaranteed and the coverage can change or be canceled without any notice. There are a few ways to minimize the risk of losing your insurance, and you can call us at Roy Lounsbury Holdings Ltd. to learn more. With Assured Access insurance, you won’t have to worry about losing your coverage if there are any changes to your group insurance. If you have any questions about your existing group coverage, it’s always best to speak to someone in your organization’s Human Resources department to find out what might happen to your plan if you retire or leave. Return to top ↑

Q: How can I make sure that I have enough insurance?

There are lots of different plans to choose from, and when you call for your personalized quote, you’ll find out which plans are best for you depending on your needs and budget. Each person’s insurance plan differs depending on their stage of life. For example, how many children you have (if any), your employment status, and how healthy you are will all impact the amount of insurance you’d benefit from. It’s important to review your insurance every year to ensure you’ve got the right amount. Return to top ↑