Medavie Blue Cross Health Insurance in Yarmouth

The Roy Lounsbury team has been the first choice of families and individuals in Yarmouth for years, and that’s because our knowledge of the Medavie Blue Cross options and our customer service are second to none. As one of the leading providers of personal Medavie Blue Cross health insurance plans, we’ve been helping Nova Scotians in the south-west protect their health and that of their families–and we can do the same for you! Don’t wait. Schedule your FREE consultation directly into our calendar below!

When it’s time for you to decide on your health insurance provider, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a lot of options available to you. But how do you choose the best time to organize your plan, how do you choose the right combination of benefits, and how can you be sure that you’re working with the right agent?

When to Apply for Medavie Blue Cross Health Insurance

Although many people think that the best time to choose insurance is when they get sick and need it, that isn’t the case. For people in Yarmouth looking for the best health insurance package that they can access, the very best time to apply for health insurance is when you’re healthy and don’t need it. No health insurance covers pre-existing conditions or illnesses you have already when you apply for your health insurance. That can mean that the very illnesses you need help with will be excluded from your coverage. Start the application process now by booking a meeting with Roy!

How Yarmouth Residents Can Evaluate their Options

We often hear from our clients in Yarmouth that they aren’t sure how to determine whether a plan they’re considering will offer them the best value. There are a few simple ways to ensure that the plan or plans that you’re interested in are going to offer you the best value and provide you with the most generous benefits when you need them. Book your FREE consultation, and we’ll be able to discuss:

  • Whether your plan costs are higher than the maximum value of coverage that you could receive in a year. For instance, if you’re paying more than you could claim then chance are you’re paying too much.
  • If you can choose from a range of options that are valuable to you and your family as a way to customize your plan. You shouldn’t have to pay for features that you aren’t interested in.
  • How simple it will be to add people to your plan, so that if you have a child or get married you’ll be able to cover them, too.

When you purchase your Medavie Blue Cross plan from Roy, all of these benefits will be analyzed so you can confidently make the right choice.

Choosing a Health Insurance Agent

Selecting your health insurance agent shouldn’t just be a snap decision. You need to know that your agent has your best interests at heart. A great agent will do their best to help you be confident that the plan you’re choosing is the very best plan that there is for you and your family, and that’s just what we’ll do for you. You won’t find an agent in Yarmouth with more experience than our team, and the support we’ll provide you to manage your plan is unmatched.

When you turn to Roy Lounsbury to support you through your journey to getting the best Medavie Blue Cross health insurance plan available to you, you’ll get more than just a highly experienced agent to guide you through the process. You’re also getting an agent who’ll support you through any claims you might make and will always be available to answer any questions you have. When you purchase a tailored insurance plan from Roy Lounsbury and his team, it’s just the beginning of our on-going relationship.

Ready to discuss your perfect health insurance package? Schedule your FREE consultation below!