Medavie Blue Cross Health Insurance in St John’s

St. John’s residents have been turning to Roy Lounsbury and his team for nearly a decade, and for good reason. Our superior customer service and unparalleled knowledge of the Medavie Blue Cross options and benefits available can help families and individuals maintain their health while minimizing the cost as much as possible.

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Are you ready to experience the peace of mind that locking a health insurance policy in place will bring you? Get started now with your FREE consultation, which you can book directly into our calendar below! When you work with Roy Lounsbury you’ll get just that–along with a superior plan from Medavie Blue Cross, one of Canada’s most trusted insurance providers.

The best way to ensure you’ll get coverage is to organize it when you’re healthy. Once you’re diagnosed with a medical condition, it’s too late and the health care costs that you’ll need help to pay for will be excluded from your plan. Don’t wait any longer. Get started now!

Access St. John’s’ Best Health Insurance

We’re proud to be Atlantic Canada’s leading provider of Medavie Blue Cross insurance, and that means that regardless of where you are in our region, we’re here to help you secure coverage that benefits you.

When you want the very best health insurance you can find, the easiest way to get it is to begin with a Medavie Blue Cross plan, and tailor it to fit your needs. When you schedule your FREE consultation call with Roy, we’ll create a plan together that meets all your needs by fully understanding what’s important to you and your loved ones, your family history and more. Then, to ensure you’re getting the best plan, you’ll find out:

  • How generous the benefits plan really is!
  • How to choose the right features, including when to add dental coverage and prescription drug modules.
  • How your base plan covers a range of holistic treatments such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine.

Customizing your Perfect Medavie Blue Cross Plan

When you’re deciding on which Medavie Blue Cross plan will be the best choice for you and your family, St John’s residents will be able to choose from two base plans. Medavie Blue Cross offers Elements plans, which include Essential and Enhanced options as the base of your coverage. These plans offer generous benefits including those below:

  • Medavie Blue Cross pays 70% of your prescription medication coverage, up to $4,500. You’ll only ever pay a maximum of $50 to refill a prescription.
  • Medavie Blue Cross doesn’t cap the amount they cover for medications and pay for 100% of your medication once they’ve paid over $4,500.
  • You’ll always control your plan with Medavie Blue Cross, giving you the freedom to change jobs or circumstance without sacrificing your coverage.
  • For eye exams and trips to the dentist, your coverage offers a generous co-pay.
  • Medavie Blue Cross plans can cover the cost of visits to the osteopath, naturopath, or massage therapist so you have access to alternative therapy.
  • You’ll always have access to the coverage that you need for medical equipment like a wheelchair, scooter or hospital bed–your coverage won’t lessen.

Ready to Tailor Your Perfect Plan?

When you work with Roy Lounsbury, you’re getting the support you need from one of Atlantic Canada’s leading agents. Our ability to help you manage your plan is unique, and can make such a difference when you need support from an experienced resource. Our relationship really begins once your plan has been put in place. Book your consultation directly into our calendar below!