Protect Your Family’s Summer Travel with Summertime Blue from Blue Cross

Despite a recent blast of wintry weather (the last one, we all hope!), summer is indeed just around the corner. The kids are already counting down to summer vacation, and us adults are dreaming of relaxing cottage getaways. In the Atlantic provinces, we’re very lucky to live within driving distance of many exciting destinations—I’m sure at least one is on your wishlist this summer.

In this post, I want to tell you about the best way to protect your family’s health and finances this summer—Blue Cross’ Summertime Blue unlimited travel insurance plans, which will cover you and your family for unlimited travel between June 6 and September 6 for as little as $165 per family.


Out Of Province Travel and Provincial Health Insurance

If you are planning to travel out of province this summer, be sure to investigate what kind of medical coverage your current insurance plan provides. Your provincial health insurance plan often doesn’t cover medical expenses incurred out of province, or may only cover partial costs.

One of the main travel mistakes I see people make is not getting travel insurance for trips within Canada—they assume that they’ll be covered no matter where they go in the country. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Even a day trip to another province could result in unexpected expenses if a member of your family becomes ill or is injured while away from home.

Out Of Country Travel Insurance

It goes without saying that you want to protect your family’s health with travel insurance if you plan to travel outside of Canada this summer. Buying supplementary travel insurance is probably already on your pre-trip checklist.

At this point, you may be doing some mental math to add up how much it will cost to purchase travel insurance for every trip you plan to take this summer. I have great news—it’s going to cost a whole lot less than you think.

Summertime Blue from Blue Cross Insures All Summer Travel

If you’re planning to take even one trip this summer, your smartest investment in protecting your family’s health and finances may be a Summertime Blue plan from Blue Cross. For the price you’d likely pay for one out-of-country trip, you can cover you entire summer—no matter where you travel, or how often. Take a spontaneous road trip, go visit family in another province, or fly across the world. You’re automatically covered!

Plus, if you’re planning on sending the kids to an out-of-province summer camp (or leaving them at home while you and your spouse enjoy a romantic getaway), parents and children are fully covered even when they travel separately.

For one affordable fee, you’ll get up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical care with expenses paid directly to the provider, assistance with additional travel expenses incurred if you experience a medical emergency, 24/7 assistance, and more.

Insure The Whole Family—Or Just Yourself

Summertime Blue family travel plans start at just $165. This fee covers the entire family for the entire summer (between June 6 and September 6 for all plans), regardless of where you go or how long you stay.

You can also purchase individual Summertime Blue unlimited travel insurance plans starting at just $75 per person.

Get Peace Of Mind This Summer

No one wants to have their summer vacation ruined by unexpected medical expenses. And if you take any spontaneous summer trips, you should be able to just pack your bag and go! Don’t worry about arranging for more than one travel insurance policy or dealing with unexpected expenses. Purchase one Summertime Blue travel plan, and enjoy guaranteed protection no matter where or how you travel—all glorious summer long.

For more information on Summertime Blue travel insurance plans from Blue Cross, contact me today with absolutely no obligation!

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