Travel Insurance: Enjoy Blue Cross Coverage Wherever You Go This Summer!

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Summer is just around the corner and that means you and your family are probably looking to get away for some fun and relaxation. In order to truly enjoy your time away this summer, you owe it to yourself and your family to purchase travel insurance. Even if you’re traveling within Canada, travel insurance can provide you with immeasurable benefits. In this post, I’m going to tell you about some of the benefits of choosing to purchase travel insurance before your next trip, then I’ll touch on Blue Cross’ Summertime Blue promotion, which is a great option for families out looking for adventurers this summer.

The Security of Travel Insurance

Many people don’t think they need travel insurance, but the truth is that traveling without it carries great risk. Travel insurance provides peace of mind that if you or a loved one gets sick or requires medical treatment while away, you won’t be stuck with a massive medical bill. Without travel insurance, once you leave the country, you’re no longer covered by your provincial health plan and will have to pay for all treatments and associated costs yourself. Even if you’re traveling outside of your home province, but still within Canada, your provincial plan will cover some medical costs like hospitalization, but it may not cover related expenses such as transportation in an ambulance. Some of the other things travel insurance can cover include:

  • Accommodations and meals for your spouse or other travel companion if you become injured
  • Transportation if you have to delay your return due to accident or illness
  • Medical evacuation by ambulance or commercial flight from your location to your home province
  • Sending your children home if you will be spending an extended period hospitalized
  • If you are hospitalized for seven days or longer, transportation for a loved one to join you
  • The return of your vehicle or motor home to your door if you are unable to drive it due to accident or illness
  • Coverage of essential belongings such as clothing and toiletries if your baggage is lost or delayed
  • Transportation due to delayed or cancelled flight

The Cure for the Summertime Blues

With Blue Cross’ Summertime Blue, any time is the right time to take a vacation. Summertime Blue covers you all summer long, meaning you and your family can take an unlimited number of trips between June 1 and September 8, 2015 and be completely covered. What’s more, Summertime Blue covers children free of charge (some conditions apply), even if they’re traveling independently of their parents. With Blue Cross’ world-class 24/7 assistance services, up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical care, and repatriation and transportation expenses, all at one affordable price for coverage of unlimited trips all summer long, there’s really no doubt that Summertime Blue is the ultimate option for families.

Say Goodbye to “What If?”

Travel insurance from Blue Cross allows you to enjoy your vacation while protecting your finances in the case of a medical emergency, and with Summertime Blue, you can have all the adventures your want with your family this summer. For more information on travel insurance and Summertime Blue, get in touch today, or call me at 1-888-507-0088 or 902-421-2334.


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